Pure Food Solutions (PFS) offers specialised expertise in contract food manufacturing, packaging and product development.

Sourcing of materials
Whether it's finding the highest quality materials or packaging solutions, we have an enormous spectrum of suppliers and expertise to draw from to ensure that your products only contain the best quality materials. 
Validation and quality assurance
All materials undergo both and internal and external certification process to ensure the quality and consistency of the material to maintain taste, texture and consistency of your product.  
Formulating, filling and labelling
We do it all, from the initial brainstorming of flavours, textures and goals to blending, labelling, packing and loading. 
We can provide either bulk materials or finished product to meet your specifications.
Quality Assurance & release for supply
We adhere to HACCP practices and the highest of OH&S practices to ensure no contamination, consistency and quality. 
We can also guide you through the regulatory and compliance landscape to ensure you are fully aware of all the legal and statutory requirements.