Research and Development Consulting

Our research and development team will ensure the formulation, development and manufacturing of a superior and innovative product.

We go beyond the needs of our what our customers initially want, we are proficient problem solvers, innovators and always researching new and better ways to develop formulas. 


Our Research and Development team consists of Food Formulation Scientists, Technologists, Naturopaths and Biochemists that create unique formulations and deliver inspired solutions. Our constant investment in product development and the sourcing of unique raw ingredients result in us maintaining industry leadership.
We have extensive contacts within the food industry that complement our services and, therefore, can assist clients from project initiation to completion. 


Formulation involves creating a product that can specifically meet your target demographic health needs while being favourably received. Once you have finalised the purpose of your product, you will want to choose ingredients that can fulfil this purpose. 
Our formulators can help you choose ingredients that researched and proven to support the efficacy and effectiveness of your product. They will work alongside you to formulate amounts and ingredients in accurate proportion to yield the best results. You will want to choose a convenient delivery system for your target demographic, which could be capsules, gels, liquids, or powders.
Once the product development phase is completed and approved by you, Pure Food Solutions has the facility to manufacture it. 


Once your product formulation is ready, quick product turnover time without compromising on quality manufacturing will become a high priority. Product turnover time will depend on the availability of raw materials and capacity of production units.


Because of our stringent quality control measures, we can provide an end product that even supersedes customer expectations.